A Festive Bird for Some Well Known Eagles

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A Festive Bird for Some Well Known Eagles

When it comes to the holidays, nothing satiates the soul more than some home cooked food. At a time when separation for some could be regarded as necessary for both safety and survival; the extra steps required for fostering that festive feeling are understandable if not wholly necessary. Faced with the prospect of another thanksgiving on the road, one well known, globally adored, award winning California rock band found themselves in this same holiday quandary. Thank fully salvation was at hand in the form of local holiday heroes and urgent Christmas courier, Collect Same Day (cue inspirational music)!

“When I first got the call asking for me to deliver a thanksgiving turkey to my favourite rock band The Eagles of death metal; I put down my mince pie, threw on my courier cape and sprang into action” (Last minute Christmas courier extraordinaire: Bruce,. 45). Within mere moments (46 minutes to be exact, traffic in central London effects super heroes too); international rockers Hughes and Homme were chowing down on an their instant delivery and most likely feeling a few bites closer to home. For some this may be simply a story of a band they’ve never heard of getting a turkey, for others its flagrant self promotion disguised as a heartfelt Christmas blog; for us it’s an anthropological narrative detailing the unlimited potential of human endeavour when pitted against globalism, dispersion and the displacement of the modern individual (ok I overreached for that slightly).

Whatever the case, for those finding themselves lacking that Christmas cheer, yuletide euphoria or find themselves in a kwanza quandary urgent delivery is on hand from the collect same day courier team over the holiday period.

For urgent last minute same day delivery of Christmas food, fast courier delivery of those presents for the family; or an emergency Christmas Eve courier we will facilitate you needs over this time at mile a minute.


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Why Choose A Same Day Courier? With todays needs for instant gratification, we want things done and we want them done quick. It’s just the way that the world is moving. No longer do you have to enter your bank card in to the chip and pin device


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