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With important documents and sensitive items such as legal applications, company accounts, judgements, deeds and evidence for trials, you need a courier delivery service that’s not only fast, reliable and professional but completely trustworthy and discreet.

If you work in the legal profession, you will understand just how important time is. You are probably also aware of how time-consuming some of the various processes and procedures that tasks within the profession can be on a day to day basis. When it comes to delivering documents to the courts, as well as to other locations for a variety of reasons, it’s easy to see why using a legal document courier can be such a time (and life) saver.

Legal Document Couriers

So what can a legal document courier offer you and your legal firm? Just about any type of paperwork, small package or even courtroom display can be picked up and delivered wherever it needs to go, and when you rely on a company that has experience in this sector of services, you can relax and have peace of mind that your deliveries will arrive on time and will be handled with the utmost care, sensitivity and discretion.

As mentioned, documents can be picked up and delivered by legal couriers. Not only can the documents be delivered from point A to point B but if you need to have someone wait while documents are signed, scanned, copied or entered into evidence before being returned, you can have a courier handle that aspect of the delivery as well.  This can free up yourself or one of your colleagues to be doing something more productive and working at the office, rather than twiddling your thumbs awaiting for things to happen.

Whats great about Collect Same-Day Couriers (among many other things) is that we specialise in same day courier services, meaning that we offer a same day legal document service as well, and if the conditions are right, even same hour. In addition to getting paperwork and documentation where it needs to go quickly, due to our large variety of vehicles on standby, we are able to transport larger items to the court room to accompany legal professionals during a trial or likewise. For example, board displays, screens, audio-visual equipment, tripods and other equipment that may be needed during a trial or hearing. This is another situation in which hiring an experienced courier to deliver the necessary equipment to the courtroom can be a huge timesaver, and ultimately one less thing to worry about.

With a fully-trained team of highly-trained, highly-professional drivers, we’re dedicated to delivering your documents or other items rapidly and reliably – as quickly as possible. If your consignment needs signing for, we can capture signatures electronically and transmit them to you in real time, as well as GPS tracking so you can see exactly when your package will arrive.

We appreciate the need for privacy and discretion with sensitive papers, so whatever you need delivering – legal papers, a document to be signed, court or barristers’ submissions or arbitration documents – you have the peace of mind of knowing your consignment will be in safe hands.

That’s why you should be using Collect Same-Day Couriers for all your legal and accountancy deliveries.



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