The M60 Slip: ‘Necessary Nightmare’ 

Greater Manchester M60 slip road the ignominious title of “UK’s most dangerous road”.

The M60 Slip: ‘Necessary Nightmare’

The Manchester Evening news online has recently crowned the Greater Manchester M60 slip road the ignominious title of “UK’s most dangerous road”.  The junction connecting Bredbury to Stockport, used as a main courier, transport and delivery route to Manchester, was awarded the title from Stockport couriers, local lorry drivers, the police and the general public. As an integral vein into Manchester and Stockport for local haulage, city-based deliveries and commuters; it is no surprise that this busy thoroughfare sees its daily steel stream of slow-moving traffic.

As a direct roadway into one of the UK’s busiest cities, with the one of the highest volumes of local couriers, HGV’s and long haulage vehicles passing along its busy lanes; it is by no means an understatement to suggest that the M60 is a very integral arm of the UK’s motorway system. However, could the treacherous nature of the M60 slip be down to some very avoidable short falls in its planning? Originally designed to be a motorway cross road joining two pathways that continued north, the slip was devised to allow access from Stockport into Manchester easing congestion for the two potential roads. Yet, the pathways where not built as planned by the council and the slip now joins the motorway at its fastest point coming through one of the busiest metropolitan boroughs in Manchester. For new visitors to this part of the M60, it may not seem such an obvious issue, however for the Stockport couriers, local delivery drivers and lorry drivers in Manchester; repeated usage of this road only highlights its perilous potential.

The title of the Uk’s most dangerous road should be taken as less of a tong in cheek fluff piece, filling the virtual goes between the more “news worthy” articles, but rather an ominous and very real warning to the council and local drivers that great care and even greater action needs to be taken to lose this gruesome nom de guerre.


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