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The Hidden UK heroes in the battle against COVID-19

Thousands of UK citizens are hidden heroes in the battle against Covid-19 - thank you to every one of you.


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The Hidden UK heroes battle against COVID-19

Posted on: 16/09/2019

Thousands of UK citizens are hidden heroes in the battle against Covid-19 – thank you to every one of you.

Ordinary People Coming Together for Extraordinary Impact!

Do you know a hidden hero? We want to hear your stories! Tell us about your hidden hero so we can congratulate them in our blog. 

The hidden heroes are often working behind-the-scenes, without public recognition, yet enable other frontline staff to continue to deliver exceptional help support in the community and patient care. 

More than ever, these teams are adapting to new ways of working such as delivering nutritious meals for key workers, patients and NHS staff, frequent daily deep cleans of hospitals or receptionists called to work in multiple locations with little notice. In recent times politicians and the public from across the country have highlighted the important role our people and the hidden heroes are playing at this time.

With the hugely increased demand for ventilators and other equipment, the important role that medical technology plays in caring for patients has come to the forefront.

Many people working in engineering have responded to the ongoing crisis behind the scenes by adapting their existing skills and equipment to help fight COVID-19. But who are these Biomedical Engineers, and what do they do? 

Creating and adapting medical equipment is a skill. It’s a role that requires excellent knowledge of computing, biology and engineering, and inventive nature.

Adapting to help the NHS

Biomedical Engineers from a range of industry backgrounds have been putting their normal tasks to one side to build ventilators and PPE (personal protection equipment) to help the NHS care for the increasing numbers of patients in Intensive Care Units with COVID-19. 

They are using their ingenuity to make the items that are so desperately needed. Many are using reverse engineering techniques to help them to deconstruct items and their parts to help them better understand the make-up of the equipment and the optimum methods needed to recreate them. This process would normally take many months, but the challenge now is to shorten this time frame as much as possible. Items are needed within days or weeks, so they are working to safely speed up the production and testing process, to ensure that equipment is distributed quickly, while still meeting high health and safety requirements.

Same Day Couriers

They were deemed as unskilled workers just a month ago. 

They are now central in the fight to control coronavirus some say couriers are now the 4th emergency service! But what is it like driving down ever more deserted streets to ensure that everyone – including the NHS and vulnerable citizens have what they need to survive.

Robert from Collect Same Day Couriers says ‘…during lockdown we have helped fulfil GOV and NHS contracts, delivering essential prototype parts for new ventilators etc. some drivers will stay overnight to get the job done. It’s mad because then the next job we’re dropping off a cake for a little girls birthday! it’s a hard job working round the clock to make sure all of the deliveries are done, but the reward you get from the customers is worth it’. 

Couriers get to see the incredible care and generosity of our nation such as an NHS nurse who’s friend working in another hospital sending PPE for the staff as they didn’t have any. paid for out of her pocket. friend’s sending friends PPE to go to work and food banks sending food for the vulnerable.

If you want to share any stories about your hidden heroes we would love to hear them!


Stay safe 🙂

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