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Bringing Britain Christmas from East Midlands Airport

Christmas is close by and with the gifts and present people have on their lists, it certainly is a busy time for the courier industry.


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Bringing Britain Christmas from East Midlands Airport

Posted on: 19/12/2022

Christmas is close by and with the gifts and present people have on their lists, it certainly is a busy time for the courier industry. Every present and stocking filler, that you may buy or be bought this Christmas, has come to you via a complex logistic operation at work to help make sure you and your family can open your gifts on that special day. The boom in online shopping after during the COVID pandemic means that the majority of people buying present this Christmas will order some if not all of their presents online.

With many online store shipping from aboard, these gifts need to be brought into the country by plane. After they have been flown in, these items then need to be brought to you door step in time for Christmas.  That is where we come in.

As one of the biggest nationwide same day couriers in the country, we have worked hard year after year to ensure that our customers get what they need on time and in a good condition. We have hundreds of drivers every morning at airports all over the country and given its location The East Midlands airport is one of our busiest ports. Cut scene to the early hours of a dark and cold December morning in north western Leicestershire, a line of hundreds of drivers stand by with their van doors open, blowing into their gloves and stamping their feet to drive out the bone aching cold. In a moment or so a plane will fly over head, then another and still more. An army of ground crew and air side handlers will coagulate around a freshly flown in plane to start their work.

The process to any onlookers would look like carnage, like the maelstrom of some ancient battle. What is really playing out is a well oiled and intricate prioritise and execution process ensuring no goods are mixed up or forgotten, each van a destination, each driver an urgent and uncompromising delivery time. This process is called line-haul logistics and is key for Britain’s economy, not just at Christmas but every single day.

As an urgent same day courier, we have adapted to assist the behemoth line haul companies such as DHL, ensuring that their customers Christmas orders are fulfilled. We have done this with great success and off the back of our hard work have ensured that thousands of customers have received their orders on time.

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