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Logistic Crisis – Where Does The Fault Lie

It’s no secret that line haulage and last mile delivery has felt the effect of driver shortages and over subscription this Christmas.


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Logistic Crisis – Where Does The Fault Lie

Posted on: 22/12/2022

It’s no secret that line haulage and last mile delivery has felt the effect of driver shortages and over subscription this Christmas. In 2016 the Transport committee urged the industry for action, however little changed. The Chair of the Transport Committee, Huw Merriman MP said: “We urge Government to be brave and force the sector to get its house in order. A Supply Chain Levy has worked previously to incentivise reform. If the industry won’t deliver change, Government should do so and send them the bill via increased taxes to those who produce and sell and make the most profits. This must be accompanied by minimum standards for planning, facilities and employers’ treatment of HGV drivers and seafarers. It’s the least we can ask for those who work so hard to deliver our goods to us.” This is of course not the way for the industry to get its “house in order” and bill increases via taxes will do nothing more than to further line haulage crisis we are experiencing this Christmas.  So why it is that parochial and unhelpful statement’s such as these are purported by individuals who should know better? This seems like an ongoing trend, with blame for the issued faced by the industry being unfairly placed at the sectors door.

The government finds it easy to find fault with the industry rather than explore the myriad of factors that have lead the industry to this point. David Wells, chief executive of Logistics UK stated that “To place all the blame for the supply chain issues facing our industry at our door does our workers a great disservice, and totally ignores the role which the government and other agencies have played in creating staff recruitment and retention problems across the sector”

At Collect Same Day Couriers we have been working closely with major line haulage suppliers, to ensure that the industry stays its course this Christmas. We have mobilised over 80 new HGV’s this year to service fulfilment centres and supply changes all over the country. With thousands of drivers up and down the country working hard to keep the industry propped up for Christmas. With the increase of online shopping and the HGV driver shortage of the last year or so, we have mobilised an entire fleet dedicated just to line haulage and last mile delivery.

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