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Refrigerated Courier Service Done Right!

Finding the correct way to deliver your refrigerated stock to customers, in a time critical manner can be a logistical night mare.


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Refrigerated Courier Service Done Right!

Posted on: 21/11/2022

Finding the correct way to deliver your refrigerated stock to customers, in a time critical manner can be a logistical night mare.

The sensitivity of refrigerated goods, the need for the correct temperatures, as well as the demand for efficient packaging and loading methods makes any refrigerated journey difficult to arrange and plan. There are many things that one may need to consider when preparing to ship a refrigerated load.

Correct Packaging is one key consideration in order to protect your stock from humidity and varied temperatures. To combat this it is best to ensure that insulation (reflective films, rigid polyurethane foam or polystyrene foam) is used.  Accurate delivery time estimations are also key in ensuring effective transit of your refrigerated loads. This is even more crucial when the refrigerate time crucial delivery is medication or biologics. The cost of delay or items being lost in transit is far too high to not take real care in choosing the right urgent refrigerated courier. One of the best ways to enhance your urgent refrigerated deliveries is to choose a ‘dedicated’ courier service. This means that there will be just your goods on board and the courier will make no other stops when delivering. This ensures that the stock arrives  on time and lessens the chances of damage or loss in transit. The Correct Required Temperature Conditions are imperative to ensuring that refrigerated stock arrives in the desired condition. Choosing a courier that is well informed on specific temperature guidelines as well as well having access to a fleet of hi-spec temperature controlled vehicles is a necessity for the urgent refrigerated courier, that you decide to choose.

Due to the complexed nature of refrigerated deliveries and the importance of stock quality when arriving to a customer or client. It is paramount that you have trust in your couriers capabilities. The courier that you choose should boast long term experience in refrigerated transport and should be knowledgeable in all of the points raised in this article. Choose a courier who gives you peace of mind and confidence in there abilities and there will be plain sailing for your urgent shipments.

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